Every Dog Deserves a Dog Friend


Today was, hands-down, one of the most beautiful days fall days we’ve had in a while! Breathing in the crisp, fall air while soaking in the warmth of the sun. The smell of damp leaves crunching underfoot as I followed Scout up the familiar porch steps of my childhood home…

kaitlin blogs boomer italian greyhound fal

No matter who you are, if you are within eyesight of my mom’s house, Boomer is the first to let you know. The world’s best alarm system, Boom is my family’s 7-year-old, super-lovable, anxiety-ridden Italian Greyhound. Shaking ever-so-slightly unless he’s attached to, preferably, my sister or my mother, he can usually be found curled up in your lap, perched above you on the couch cushion or sunbathing on his oversized luxury dog bed.

As you can imagine, Boomer is not a fan of strangers, especially other dogs. The only exception, however, is Scout. All 26 pounds of her.  And I thought today, as I watched them frolick through the leaves during their doggie playdate, that every dog deserves a dog friend.

kaitlin blogs scout corgi fall

One thing I have to say I’m so, so, so thankful for is Scout’s natural tendency to befriend every living thing she comes into contact with–though I guess with a face like that it’s hard not to! (Cue humble dog mommy bragging)

When I first brought my then 5-month-old puppy home, Boomer was–ahemnot having it. I wish I were exaggerating when I say he barked at her continuously the entire first night, as we figured he would since he has never gotten along with another dog other than the late and great Nala, our first Iggy. Thankfully, by the next morning he had finally quit it and accepted that that wasn’t going to work. So he decided to try the whole “stare angrily from afar and make gutteral noises when the puppy comes too close” approach.

Clearly, that also did not make Scout evaporate like Boomer so badly wanted and, after about a week, he came to realize that she’s not so bad… and thus we watched a dog friendship form. And it transformed Boomer into an entirely new dog.

kaitlin blogs dog friends

In short, Boomer became happier–in every sense of the word! His usual demeanor now included spurts of puppy-like energy, running up and down the living room with Scout like he used to as a pup back in the day with Nala. Boomer the Magnificent granted Scout the Commoner access to his luxurious dog bed, where they were often found curled up together sleeping soundly. He has even been more open to other dogs, though any who are walking around the house are still subject to his high-pitched security barks.

It’s funny when you think about dogs having friends in the human sense, but I can say from experience that a dog with a four-legged friend is a happy pup indeed, and if you’re thinking of getting a furry friend of your own, remember that the earlier and more frequently you can introduce your dog to other dogs, the better! You’ll soon see for yourself the friendship connections man & woman’s best friends can develop–and you just might start organizing your own doggie playdates!

DOG FRIENDS: EPISODE 3 from Alex Sclafani on Vimeo.



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