Okay, Universe. I’m Listening.

kaitlin blogs scout corgi window

Now that was some grade-A procrastination.

Here I am a year later, and I’ve finally mustered the motivation to pull myself off my ass and get back to this blog. I feel a sense of obligation to do some sort of internal apology for ditching it once I got too busy… though, let’s be real, it all boils down to the fact that once I was done checking off my to-do boxes during the day I just didn’t feel like hopping on here and writing. That might be laziness or lack of inspiration, and I’m certainly over that.

This past month, I’ve taken the long awaited, highly anticipated, and greatly needed leap into the most fascinating chapter of my life… so far. I’ve become an all-too-familiar dog mom of a stubby little corgi, packed up everything I own (that didn’t get shoved into the attic or forced on friends and family to take) and moved in with with Alex and his goofy, soft tank of a dog (and Marc and Lou, of course). On top of all these wonderful changes, I’ve done some serious growing these past couple months that I was in desperate need of.

Basically, my aura is feeling pretty awesome right now… and when I feel awesome, I write!



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